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Geissele AR-15 USASOC URG-I Near Clone Upper Receiver Assembly Improved Complete 5.56x45mm NATO 14.5″ Barrel with Pinned Surefire SF4P



Product Information

Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Material Aluminum
Barrel Length 14.5 Inches
Twist 1:7 Inches
Threads 1/2″-28
Barrel Contour M4
Sights No
Gas Block Diameter 0.75 Inches
Gas System Length Mid-Length
Upper Receiver Type A3 Flat-Top
Barrel Material Cold Hammer Forged
Handguard Geissele Super Modular Rail MK 16 Handguard
Bolt Carrier Assembly Included Yes
Muzzle Device Surefire WarComp
Mil-Spec or Commercial Mil-Spec
Country of Origin United States of America
Compatible With

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight

5.525 Pounds

Product Overview

For more than 50 years the famed silhouette of the M16/M4 has only had one major and several minor changes. Barrel lengths and buttstocks have changed, but more or less the evolution of America’s right arm has proceeded apace with each generation of warrior making her their own. In that time, the sight of the M16/M4 in the competent grasp of young Americans has meant hope to countless millions of people around the globe.

With the advent of the USASOC URGI, that quintessentially American silhouette has changed forever. The Geissele Super Modular Rail MK 16 handguard, hammer forged barrel, and mid-length gas system work in concert for a package that delivers measurable increases in hit probability. Designed to take the full rigors of the new M855A1 (AB57) ammunition, the USASOC URGI also takes full advantage of its capabilities. Once the USASOC URGI is installed on an existing system, it essentially makes for a brand new weapon. The USASOC URGI is a near-clone upper receiver group currently going into service with USASOC.

Note this upper has a pinned and welded flash hider, making the total barrel length over 16″. This is a rifle upper and can be installed on any rifle lower in this configuration without additional paperwork. Local restrictions may apply.


  • Mil-Spec M4 Upper Receiver Assembly
  • Mil-Spec M4 Carbine Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group
  • Geissele Airborne Charging Handle, DDC
  • Geissele SMR MK16, DDC, 13.5″
  • Geissele Super Gas Block .750 Low-Profile Gas Block, Pinned (Bombproof installation)
  • SureFire SF4P 4 Prong Flash Hider, Pinned & Welded


Made In United States of America


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