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Magpul CTR, UBR Gen 1, ACS, MOE, STR, ACS-L Recoil Pad Rubber Black



Product Information

Color Black
Material Rubber
Thickness 0.70″
Country of Origin United States of America
Compatible With

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight

0.175 Pounds

Product Overview

The MagPul Recoil Pad is offered in three thicknesses to help dial-in the perfect length of pull. Increase or decrease length of pull and felt recoil by switching out your recoil pad with a thinner or thicker one. The 0.55″ thick recoil pad is the standard thickness for commercial stocks. The 0.70″ thick recoil pad is standard for mil-spec stocks. Fits MagPul CTR, MOE, STR, ACS-L, ACS and Original Gen 1 UBR stocks. Black rubber construction.


Not compatible with MOE fixed carbine stocks. Installation on some commercial MOE CTR stocks may prohibit use of fully collapsed position due to the extended, slanted back of most commercial receiver extensions. Will not fit UBR Gen 2 stocks due to the toe of the stock being tapered off at an angle.


  • Enhances shoulder protection
  • Improves recoil reduction
  • Unique vented design
  • Mounting hardware included

Made In United States of America


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